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Posted by admin on January 6, 2011

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Peer Pressure isn’t just relegated to the elementary school playground. It may start there, but as we watched America showcase its runaway corporate greed, we have to ask: where did this all start? Peer pressure begins in elementary school and these behaviors must be re-learned so that appropriate conscience development is allowed to evolve in our children.

As a former clinician and counselor for the Illinois Department of Corrections, I dealt with teenagers who did not learn appropriate behavioral boundaries. I ran cottages of out-of-control teens who grouped in street-gangs, mostly for profit in the form of illegal drugs. Teaching boundaries teaches respect for self and others.

Teen counseling helps refocus our kids, which allows them to ultimately learn to be themselves. I can’t think of a greater gift.

Learn to believe in yourself again. Allow us to help you in this time of need.

DJ Diebold, CAC, LISAC – 11485
Board Certified, State Licensed
Behavioral Health Therapist

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