Strategies for Overcoming Gambling Addiction

Addiction can be a challenging thing to overcome, whether the dependency is drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, or something else. It often requires a support system and several strategies for the addicted person to relearn healthy behaviors. People begin to gamble compulsively because of the way the activity interacts with the brain and its reward system. Here are some strategies for overcoming a gambling addiction.

Seek Professional Help for Gambling Addiction

Fortunately for those who experience addictions, many avenues of professional help are available as long as there is a desire to get better. Medical professionals such as mental health counselors are able to help people get to the root of what causes an addiction and may provide therapy, medications, or both to assist the patient with maintaining sobriety.

Know the Triggers

People with gambling addictions should be aware of what triggers them to seek out the addictive behavior again. Some examples of triggers could include:

  • Driving by a casino or other location that has gambling, especially if it was someplace where the person in recovery previously frequented
  • Seeing an advertisement for the lottery or scratch-off tickets for purchase
  • Hearing friends and associates talk about gambling, even if they do not exhibit signs of addiction themselves

When people know their triggers, they are better able to avoid or at least manage them.

Find Outside Support

While it is important to seek help from a professional, a healthcare provider will generally not be available every hour of the day when an addicted person may need support. Because of this, it is helpful to seek other sources of support, such as support from a Gamblers Anonymous group or from friends and family.

Seek Help for a Gambling Addiction

If you or someone you know has a gambling addiction, contact us to ask any questions you might have, make an appointment, and begin the journey to sobriety.

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