Prescription Pain Killer Addiction Counseling in Scottsdale

Posted by admin on May 11, 2011

Prescription Pain Killer Addiction Counseling in Scottsdale

No prescription pain killer addict ever, as in never, in the whole history of the planet earth, thought he couldn’t control the substance he/she became addicted to, except maybe you, right?

So, what Is A Pharming Party?

Parents, listen up. Yes, you in the back with the perfect child. I know that doesn’t sound kind, but according to recent data, 50% of parents don’t have a clue as to what a pharming party is. Most 8th graders are familiar with the term. Nearly 90% of high schoolers most certainly are.

The party is centered around snatching a few pills from mom and dad’s medicine cabinet. The pills are opiate based goodies like Percoset, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, etc. In other words, pain killers, prescription pain killers, as in prescribed by a doctor. The kids just take a few, so you won’t notice. Many of these pills have been in the cabinet for years. You may have forgotten they’re even there…but your kids probably haven’t.

Son, where are you going? Oh, Danny is having a few of the guys over. I won’t be out late. Now, before denial takes hold again, this form of substance abuse is at epidemic levels. The data is there, trust me. My client demographics are speaking to this phenomena on a daily basis. It’s real, but denial persists on the parental and the educational level, particularly in our community colleges and universities. Administrators minimize and trivialize, primarily because they don’t know what to do.

Hey, dude, let’s get back to the party. Picture a large bowl in the center of a table. As the pharming party begins, the partiers file by the bowl, each making a deposit. This goes on for most of the night. Both deposits and unfortunately, withdrawals occur. It’s a little like eating popcorn. Juggle a few in the hand and pop them into your mouth.Addiction wise, it only takes a week, if used daily. How long does it take if one just starts out just using on the weekends. Depends, but understand one thing clearly. No addict ever, as in never, thought he couldn’t control his or her use. Opiates are powerful and the addiction is brutal.

The poppy is such a beautiful flower, said the spyder to the fly. The euphoria is said to be second to none. Once that feeling becomes part of a kids lexicon of choices, the damage is done. The categories are: use, abuse and dependence. Once the magical line of demarcation is crossed from abuse to dependence, the hook is in. There is no more such thing as moderation now. Down the road, the pills get expensive, thus the switch to heroin, which is a much cheaper form of opiate, though still expensive, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Talk to your kids. Know when they are not being truthful. It’s your job. Treatment with an addictions specialist and 12-step support will get the job done, assuming the individual is ready to stop.

Please read my blog on Brain Chemistry and Prescribed Opiates for more information. It’s what parental love does.

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