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Posted by admin on October 27, 2010

DUI Attorney Referral in Scottsdale, DUI Attorney Referral in Phoenix and DUI Attorney Referral in Mesa:

This includes a locally well respected DUI attorney who this counselor and therapist personally vouches for. He will charge reasonable fees, return phone calls promptly and is an attorney who has an outstanding relationship with the court and the bar association. Additionally, we retain a blood expert who will ensure that local and DPS labs follow all recognized scientific proceedures for testing and blood analysis. Any signs of contaminated blood, which occur more often than you’d ever believe, will result in a Not-Guilty verdict from a jury.

For first time DUI offenders:

Please do not be overly intimidated by the process. This often leads to determining that you’re guilty, without an expert attorney assisting and guiding you with reasoned expertise and objectivity. The prosecution needs to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Force them to do so with expert guidance.A well respected DUI attorney who is willing to fight for his client can save thousands of dollars in court fines and the often times life-long emotional trauma of incarceration.

Learn to believe in yourself again. Allow us to help you in this time of need.

DJ Diebold, CAC, LISAC – 11485
Board Certified, State Licensed
Behavioral Health Therapist

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