Drug and Alcohol Counseling in Scottsdale

Posted by admin on November 11, 2011

Drug and alcohol counseling in Scottsdale certainly has its challenges. My office is close to Hayden and Via De Ventura, just south of Shea in Scottsdale. I’m constantly asked, what is the most challenging aspect of this demographic? Certainly the upper middle income flexibility has had a tremendous effect on our teens and young adults. Disposable income leads to the ability to experiment, and our kids certainly do. Drug and alcohol counseling in Scottsdale, as well as Paradise Valley, is a very sought after commodity. One day parents look up and viola, their child is down the road, experimenting and in the case of pain killer opiates, addicted in as short a time as 10 days. Yes, 10 days! For parents, this is a shocking and guilt-ridden reality.

The good news is that insightful, experienced help is out there. As a therapist and counselor, I’ve seen this “movie” for over 30 years. The names and faces change, but the behaviors remain the same. We all make mistakes and let’s face it, parenting doesn’t come with a manual. Parents are blamed, but unfortunately, not trained.

Parenting enhancement education is part of our program at Diebold Behavioral Counseling. Naturally this is optional, but is highly recommended to optimize the support for the youthful client. It’s more than scary, realizing that drug or alcohol abuse has resulted in addiction. We try to hide this fact and we become even more isolated, which is exactly what drugs and alcohol do. The substance comes first, relationships and responsibility second. Again, we don’t intend for that to happen, it’s just a byproduct of addiction.

As the fear of addiction intensifies, we defend ourselves with our three defense mechanisms: denial, rationalization and projection. Denial is a head-in-the-sand response to the thought that this just can’t be happening. Rationalization is an attempt to come to terms with these feelings of powerlessness. Projection is the response of throwing this reality on others, blaming those who are trying to help.

Yes, drug and alcohol counseling in Scottsdale is a messy process that can lead to physical, emotional and spiritual balance. A process that is well worth the effort. Please call us at (480) 650-1020. The healing begins with this phone call.


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