Don’t Put Off Counseling – Your Unchecked Addiction Could Lead to More Problems

Posted by admin on September 5, 2017

Any addiction, no matter what the substance is that someone is addicted to, can and usually does leave permanent damage to someone’s health and life.  Whether you are addicted to alcohol, prescription medications, or other narcotics you are likely to experience both short-term and long-term problems.  If you or a loved one is experiencing an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is critical that you do not put off counseling because an unchecked addiction could lead to more problems than just the addiction itself.

Most obviously, when an addiction is allowed to progress and counseling is not sought, a person is likely to experience many health problems.  Those health problems can include both short-term and long-term damage including brain damage, damage to major organs, birth defects in offspring conceived while addicted, damage to teeth, damage to gums, depression, insomnia, lung disease, liver disease, heart disease, heart failure, HIV, hepatitis, and much more.  The amount of health damage experienced will depend on the substance to which someone is addicted and how long the addiction lasts.  The sooner the addiction is treated, the better chance someone has of avoiding many of these health problems.

Further, if someone is experiencing addiction and does not seek counseling to overcome their addiction, they can experience many social and life problems.  Addicts often experience relationship problems, struggle to maintain friendships, lose their job, get arrested, become depressed and withdrawn and struggle to function in day to day life.  Though some of these things can be repaired down the road, permanent and irreparable damage may occur.

A qualified and experienced counselor, such as Diebold Behavioral Counseling, will help an addict address the root cause of addiction.  It is important to look at the past and what experiences have led to this point, as well as what social and behavioral patterns may be triggering substance abuse and addiction.  Seeking counseling for addiction treatment as soon as possible will give the addict the best possible chance of overcoming addiction and avoiding causing further damage to their lives and health.  Overcoming addiction is not easy and the addict needs to be both equipped and supported so that when social factors and stimuli arise, they are not triggered to relapse.  Those addiction triggers can include everyday things like stress, social settings, romantic relationships, friendships, and lifestyle.  Addiction is complex and an addict needs a wide range of tools including the ability to communicate honestly and openly, behavioral counseling, and a non-judgmental support system to overcome addiction as quickly as possible.

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