Alcohol Addiction Counseling

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Alcohol Addiction Counseling

Alcohol addiction counseling is an important step in your treatment of and recovery from alcohol addiction.  A counselor can offer insight, guidance, and support throughout the recovery process so that you can begin to live an alcohol-free life.  Triggers and cravings for alcohol will arise so counseling and support is a crucial part of on-going treatment and maintaining sobriety as day-to-day life resumes.

With the support of an alcohol addiction counselor, you will be empowered and equipped with the skills you need to manage life without a dependency on alcohol.  We will address behavior patterns and the addictive process so that you and your family/friends can have a comprehensive perspective on alcohol addiction, and how addiction impacts the mind and body.

There are often underlying causes and that manifest in the form of alcohol addiction and dependency but those behaviors can be replaced with healthy coping skills that include open, direct, and honest communication.  Together, we will establish a structured and realistic recovery plan based on your individual needs and lifestyle.  Further, you will be provided with judgement-free emotional support and encouragement throughout each stage of recovery.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques will be utilized in your treatment and recovery process so that you can address underlying causes of addiction, resolve feelings, desensitize from past issues and ultimately experience a sense of harmony and balance moving forward in recovery.

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