5 Reasons Why Addressing the Root Causes to an Addiction Will Help Start the Recovery Process

People suffering from addiction need to tackle head-on the root cause. Only then can the individual start the recovery process in earnest. Everyone has different battles, but regardless of what exactly started a person down a detrimental route, it needs to be brought to light.

1. Helping a Person Recognize There Is a Problem

The biggest obstacle to starting the recovery process is getting the addict to even admit there is a problem. By discovering the root cause, a person is often more likely to admit to the underlying dependency. One of the most important shifts an addict can make is going from denial to admitting a willing to change.

2. Discovering Relevant Treatment Options

Many people develop an addiction due to stress. This can stem from work or from family. Either way, the person needs to recognize something is causing stress and make changes. This can involve altering the source of stress, such as finding another job that is not as demanding. However, the person may also need to find ways to better manage stress. Stress is unavoidable, but addicts can develop better habits for dealing with it.

3. Deciding Who to Let Stay in Life

Sometimes objects are not the triggers. Occasionally, it is people. When people get to the root cause of their dependencies, they realize certain individuals are more likely to cause them to engage in their vices. Realizing this can force a person to remove harmful people out of their lives permanently. It can be tough, but it is a necessary step.

4. Keeping Triggers in Check

Various triggers can result in a relapse. Common ones include:

  • Wanting to have a good time
  • Being in a negative emotional state
  • Feeling physical discomfort
  • Being involved in a conflict with others

As a person goes back and takes note of all the times he or she used, there may be realization the drug was used during certain emotional states. Being proactive about triggers can help a person avoid them going forward.

5. Finding an Addictive Personality

Many people have addictive personalities, which make them more prone to chronic drug use. If it is believed this is the source of a dependency, then more action can be done to help the person not swap out one dependency for another.

When there is a leak in a house, you have to address the broken pipe instead of just cleaning up puddles. The same idea holds true for an addiction. In order for there to be any chance for long-term success, the root causes need to be addressed.

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