10 Signs You Suffer from Anxiety Attacks and What to Do If You Are

Posted by admin on April 22, 2017

Chest pain, sweating, pounding heart, inability to catch your breath – sounds like the symptoms of a heart attack, right?  If you are experiencing these symptoms you may not realize that you are actually having a panic attack.  Everyone experiences fear, stress, and anxiety in life.  But even intense moments of fear, stress and anxiety may look and be different than a panic attack.  When people hear about panic attacks, they think they have to arise for a specific reason.  The reality is, if you are suffering from panic attacks, they could arise for no reason at all.  They could even arise while you are asleep!  For those that suffer from panic attacks, you may know exactly what could trigger a panic attack or have absolutely no idea.  If you are unsure whether or not you are suffering from panic attacks, here are 10 common symptoms:

1. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

2. Trembling or shaking

3. Heart palpitations/racing heart

4. Feeling weak, faint or dizzy

5. Feeling of terror/sense of doom or death

6. Feeling out of control

7. Chest pain

8. Lightheadedness

9. Tingling or numbness in hands and/or feet

10. Difficulty concentrating

As you can see, the symptoms really do mirror a heart attack.  And, if you have had a panic attack you may have actually wondered if you were having a heart attack, it is truly frightening.  Not all anxiety or panic attacks will feel the same but you may experience a variety of these symptoms.  If you think you are experiencing a panic attack, or may have experienced one but aren’t sure, they typically last less than 10 minutes.  If you are or have experienced an anxiety attack, it is important to call your doctor and be evaluated to ensure nothing else is going on with your overall health.

Once you are sure that it was a panic attack, it is time to determine how to move forward with treatment and prevention to minimize or eliminate anxiety attacks.  Many people mistakenly think they can just ignore the panic attack and handle symptoms on their own.  Unfortunately, a panic disorder is not something you can just control – without the right help, attacks can intensify/worsen and increase in frequency. Treatment for panic disorder includes professional counseling with cognitive behavioral therapy.  It is important to learn what potential triggers may be leading to your anxiety attacks as well as relaxation techniques.  It can be hard to understand that anxiety attacks and panic disorder manifest like a disease.  While you may feel fear that they will keep happening, you should not feel shame. When you are experiencing anxiety attacks you have no control over the cause, frequency, intensity or anything else.  But, with proper treatment, the attacks can be reduced or even completely eliminated.  In addition to professional counseling, you may benefit from prescription medication to help you don’t allow fear and anxiety to control your life, seek counseling from a qualified and experienced professional, such as Diebold Behavioral Counseling, so that you can begin to take the steps to fully enjoying your life.

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