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I consider myself to be half “street”… as in street smart.  We take the Warriors Path to maintain recovery! This disease does not take prisoners. The passive approach is seen as weakness and we will be glad to explain this perspective in detail. We feel it is essential to approach this disease in this manner.

As a behavioral health therapist, I’ve worked for and with a wide range of behavioral health providers, including maximum-security prisons, probation departments, clinics, and with many diverse cultures and races, including Native Americans.

As a behavioral health therapist, author and motivational speaker, I try to take a spiritual approach to life’s dynamics. To perform at the highest level, you’ve got to walk the talk and lead by example. I believe that when clarity, honesty and compassion are interwoven with the daily fabric of our lives, happiness empowers us to accomplish virtually anything we can think, feel or imagine.



Discover a Path to Happiness and Transformation with Diebold Behavioral Counseling

Welcome to Diebold Behavioral Counseling, Scottsdale, Arizona’s premier provider of a wide range of counseling services. Our office for behavioral health counseling, which is run by Board Certified and State Licensed Behavioral Health Psychotherapist D.J. Diebold, is committed to giving individuals in need compassionate and successful counseling. D.J. Diebold provides a distinctive viewpoint and a positive approach to his work in behavioral health counseling because of his considerable experience working in a variety of behavioral health settings, including maximum-security prisons, probation offices, clinics, and with people of many ethnicities and races, including Native Americans. With our Arizona behavioral counseling services, we support empowering people to find happiness and realize their greatest potential through clarity, honesty, and compassion.

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Our Approach to Transformation and Healing

At Diebold Behavioral Counseling, we are aware that real change and healing go beyond simply treating outward symptoms. At our Arizona behavioral counseling, we make an effort to enquire further into the fundamental causes and elements that your emotional, psychological, and behavioral issues are influenced by. At our Arizona behavioral health counseling, our holistic approach considers your particular circumstances, convictions, and values to create a custom treatment plan catered to your particular need. At Arizona behavioral counseling and Education, we place a strong emphasis on spirituality and incorporate spiritual practices into our counseling sessions because we understand how crucial it is to connect with your inner self and discover your purpose in life. At Arizona behavioral counseling and Education, we want to support you in developing resilience, accessing your inner resources, and experiencing personal growth and fulfillment by adding spiritual components.

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Services Offered

Our offerings consist of individual therapy which allows you to attend one-on-one sessions with D.J. Diebold to discuss your ideas, feelings, and experiences in a comforting setting. We assist you in gaining understanding, creating coping mechanisms, and fostering self-awareness via the use of evidence-based procedures and kind counsel. At Arizona behavioral health counseling, we do a strictly One on One Counseling so that each session may be customized. And this allows the client needs to be directly and immediately met.

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Start Your Journey Towards Happiness and Transformation

Diebold Behavioral Counseling is here to accompany you every step of the way as you go out on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. Our skilled and sympathetic staff, under the direction of D.J. Diebold, is committed to assisting you in finding happiness and realizing your full potential.

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In Case of Mental Health Emergency:

Call my office at (480) 650-1020. If you are not able to reach me (or after hours), and are unable to wait for a callback, please call one of the following Crisis Hotline numbers or dial 911:

EMPACT Suicide Hotline: 24 His, 7 days a week (480) 784-1500
ARIZONA STATEWIDE Crisis Hotline (866) 205-5229 (Toll Free)
Maricopa County Crisis Line (602) 222-9444
Magellan Behavioral Health (800) 564-5465
Domestic Violence: ALWAYS Call 911 first.

24-Hour Hot-Lines
For local shelter: (602) 263-8900 or 1-800-799-7739
National hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
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