Attention Deficit Disorder Counseling

ADD/ADHD Counseling in Scottsdale, ADD/ADHD Counseling in Phoenix, ADD/ADHD Counseling in Mesa:

Do you start everything and finish nothing? Learn to focus without the rapid mind cycling buzz that constantly distracts you and keeps you from accomplishing your goals. ADD and ADHD is widely misunderstood. With ADHD, an individual might have 10 times the number of thoughts in a matter of a few seconds. This individual will oftentimes appear to be very scattered, continually “forgetting” important tasks.

It’s not a matter of forgetting, It’s a matter of not being able to remain focused for the proper amount of time in order to actually get this task accomplished. This is where the right medication at the right dosage can make all the diffidence in the world. We offer traditional medication referrals and a holistic approach, guided by our consulting psychiatrist.

Medication can have some side effects, but the proper thought process compares the minor side effects against the debilitating cycle of hyper and rapid mind cycling that keeps us from remaining on task. From this counselor’s perspective, there’s no comparison. Proper medication and ADD/ADHD counseling can give you your life back.

Learn to believe in yourself again. Allow us to help you in this time of need.

DJ Diebold, CAC, LISAC – 11485
Board Certified, State Licensed
Behavioral Health Therapist