Mesa police officer Bill Richardson level-headed

Posted by admin on September 16, 2010

Friday’s (9/10/10) Tribune op-ed by former Mesa police officer Bill Richardson is another level-headed, well researched column.

As a behavioral therapist working in both Arizona and Illinois prisons, I’ve spent thousands of hours working with pathological liars. The “art” of the half-truth transcends prisoners and its most common public manifestation comes from the mouths of politicos and other publicity-seeking public officials.

As Bill points out, the feds provide invaluable law enforcement support and assistance. Our pathologically lying and half-truth speaking public “servants” do what most unethical individuals do: put others down to put themselves up. Simple really.

Thank God we have clear minded, agenda-free guys like Richardson helping to keep things in perspective. As for Moe Babeu, Larry Dever and Curly Arpaio, their stooge routine is getting really old.

D.J. Diebold, Scottsdale

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