Posted by admin on September 14, 2010

Excellent Op-Ed piece Sunday East Valley Tribune, 9/12/10.

As a behavioral health therapist, it appears that America has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Americans are in a state of chronic shock, and will be until we resolve and process our anger and hurt over 9/11. Unfortunately, we’re lashing out at each other, as your editorial points out.

Time will help, but so would finding Osama Bin Laden, dead or alive. Until then, we’ve got to forgive each other for transgressions, real or perceived. The perception we choose is the reality we get.

The world’s authentic spiritual leaders preach a serenity called forgiveness. Let’s try to remember that to everyone else, the neighbor we love is us and that today’s karma is tomorrow’s reality. It’s a prescription for PTSD. The prognosis? Guarded.

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